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From record by R.J. Wilkinson -Papers on Malay subject....

"......After Sultan Mahmud had been driven out of Malacca he fled to Batu Hampar, while his son, Prince Aleidin, built a stockade at Pagoh. Pagoh was soon taken by the Portuguese. The Malay prince then took refuge for a time in Pahang, after which they established themself far up the Johor river where they were relatively safe from attack. Settlements far up a river are , however, of very little use either for trade or piracy, so- as the malays regained confidence- they moved to southwards and established themselves on the island of Bintang, Sultan Mahmud at Tebing Tinggi and the Prince Aleidin at Batu Pelabuhan. This Prince Aleidin had been raised to sovereign rank and bore the title Sultan Ahmad Shah, to great confusion of historical records, which confuse him both with his father, Sultan Mahmud and with his brother who afterwards bore the name of Sultan Aleidin. In any case, this Sultan Ahmad died at Batu Pelabuhan and was buried at Bukit Batu at Bintang. If Malay rumour is to be believed, he was poisened by his father?.

Sultan Mahmud then installed his younger son as Raja Muda, but did not confer on him the sovereign dignity borne by the murdered Ahmad Shah. After this the Sultan moved his head-quarters to Kopak. There another son was born to him-this time by his favourite wife, Tun Fatimah, the daughter of the famous Bendahara who had so bitterly oppose Sequira. The child was given the title Raja Kechil Besar and was afterwards alllowed (through his mother influence) to take preceedence of his elder brother the Raja Muda and to be raised to sovereign rank as the Sultan Muda or Sultan Aleidin Riayat Shah II.

......... The new Sultan was not left in peace by the Portuguese. Driven by them out of Kampar he ultimately settled at a place on the Johor river where he died and was succeeded by his son, the Raja Muda Perdana, who took the title of Sultan Muzaffar Shah II. This Mudzaffar Shah establiehed his capital at Seluyut(Johor Lama) but he had outlying stations on the trade routes. At a later date these stations were destined to become important....."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Remarks on Singapore Sultanate according to "Malay Annals"
Catatan Kesultanan Singapura Mengikut periwayat Melayu "Malay Annals"

From the writer of Malay history, we have two types of history writers, one that follow "Malay Annals" and the other one were based on the author of "Bustanu's Salatin", Nuru'ddin Raniri Al-Hasanji, one of Malay Book of history that tells many story about Singapore Sultanate and it's relations with the Melaka Sultanate system.

The differences between those two writers are, that the Singapore Sultanate by Malay annals has Five(5) kings, while in BUstanu's Salatin has only three(3) but both tell us that it has direct relation to Melaka Sultanate system, only that Paduka Seri Pekerma Diraja(1st Melaka Sultan, Parameswara still were not rrecognised in Bustanu's Salatin, but the Singapore Sultanate system continue directly into Melaka Sultanate system.

From the story, a bright boy kill by the king and Singapore were attack by king fish, Singapore has been hit by a very bad curse, haunted and was deserted for very long time. almost three decades.

Dari periwayat sejarah Melayu dahulu, terdapat dua jenis periwayat, satu adalah berdasarkan periwayat umum(Malay Annals) dan satu lagi adalah dari periwayat Nuru'ddin Raniri Al-Hasanji, pengarang "Bustanu's-Salatin", salah satu kitab sejarah Melayu yang banyak menceritakan sejarah Kesultanan Singapura dan perkaitan dengan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.

Perbandingan antara kedua adalah dalam periwayat umum(Malay annals) menyatakan bahawa Kesultanan Melayu Sungapura mempunyai lima(5) Raja, sementara dalam "Bustanul Salatin" hanya Raja ketiga(3) dan mempunyai pertalian terus dengan Kesultanan Melaka, cuma Paduka Seri Pekerma Diraja atau Parameswara(Sultan Muhammad Shah) sahaja belum diiktiraf sebagai Sultan Melaka yang pertama), namun perkaitan kedua-duanya menjurus kepada Kesultanan Singapura berterusan kepada Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.

Akibat dari cerita Singapura mengenai budak pintar dibunuh kerana ditakuti melawan raja hingga cerita dilanggar todak, Singapura seolah-olah terkena sumpahan, ianya ditinggalkan dan kawasan itu dikatakan berhantu.

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