Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Melaka were rich in history with it glorious Melaka Sultanate Empire before conquered by The Portuguese,then Dutch and British. Remnant buildings by the Portuguese, Dutch and British can still be seen in Melaka.

One of the famous site left by the Dutch were the Dutch Square or also known as "The Stadthuys".. BUILT IN 1650. It was an official residence of the Dutch governor.It now houses the Historic Museum and Ethnography Museum which has many traditional bridal costumes and relics on display. The building in this area display the Dutch architecture.

All the building were painted red including the Dutch Church and Clock tower. Since all the colour is painted red, the area was also known as MELAKA RED SQUARE!!!

....and one memorable Queen's Victoria fountain were the place for a memorable picture ...almost a must by foreign tourist and visitor taking memorable and romantic couple picture in Melaka....see the picture....!!!

Previously..there are a lot of pigeon at the place....where picture taking were more interesting with the live birds..but there is no more now...?

Lining the red building were sourvenier seller as well as "Beca" or trycle for the visitor to try..!

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