Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nature sighting- monkey

Sometime...when there is nothing to do to release a stress...we opted for a different venue such as go somewheree to see things in it's natural state that god have created.....a nature sighting.
We go to Australia to have picture with Kangaroo as well as Koala Bear..but little we think of taking a picture with our local nature animals such as monkey...abundantly in nature in out country.... not just in the zoo.
Let's have a picture or giving foods to our close nature...our monkey
You can have a nature sighting of monkey easily at bushes at the entrance of Anjung Batu jetty in Umbai... also the famous "Ikan Bakar" during the night!!
Bring your kids with some food for them and release your tension by giving food to them and have fun!!!!!!

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