Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dari catatan pengkaji Inggeris dan Maharaja China mengenai Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, berikut beberapa cerapan yang sempat dicatatkan ;

......"As Malay tradition seems to insist that first Moslem sovereign took the name of Muhammad Shah, and as the Paramisura of Albuquerqe was undoubtedly the first Moslem sovereign, we are in beleiving that the King Paduka Seri Pekerma Diraja took the name Sultan Muhammad Shah on his conversion. He ascended the throne before the year A.D. 1403, but was first recognised by the Chinese Emperor in A.D. 1405. He visited China in A.D 1411. The following is the account given of this visit in the records of the Ming Dynasty;

" In 1411 the King with his wife, son and ministers-540 persons in all. On his arrival the Emperor sent officers to receive him. He was lodged in the building of the Board of Rites; and was received in audience by the Emperor who entertained him in person while his wife and the others were sent him from the Imperial buttery. The Emperor gave the King two suits of clothes embroidered with golden dragons and suit with unicorns; furthermore, gold and silver articles, curtains, coverlots, mattresses- everything complete. His wife and his suite also got presents.

" When they were going away the King presented with a girdle adorned with precious stones, saddled horses. His wife got a cap and dresses."

"At the moment of starting he was entertained by the Emperor and again got a girdle with precious stone, saddled horses, 100 ounces of gold, 40,000 dollars(kwon) in paper moeny, 2,000 strings of cash, 300 pieces of silk gauses, 1,000 pieces of plain silk, and two pieces of silk with golden flowers."

It is not surprising that the Kings, willing to "pay tribute" to China'

The policy of Muhammad Shah seems to have been to ally himself with the Muhammadan States and with the Chinese, and to resist teh Siamese who were at that time having claim to the southern part of Peninsular and had conquered teh Cambodian pricipalities.

Dalam Rancangan TV7 pada 5hb September, 2009 lalu dalam rancangan "ROOTS", dimana masyarakat China Malaysia membuat kajian dan mencari nenek moyang mereka yang berasal dari China ada menunjukkan muzium Maharaja China yang menunjukkan replika patung Maharaja China dan terdapat 2 patung yang memakai pakaian Melayu yang mewakili Parameswara berserta replika hadiah yang diberikan oleh Maharaja China .

Juga ditunjukkan Cop Mohor Kerajaan Melaka yang ditempah khas untuk kerajaan Melaka bagi mengiktiraf kerajaan Melaka oleh maharaja China. Mungkin pihak PERZIM boleh mengusahakan agar kita dapat membuat replika cop mohor kerajaan Melaka yang pertama dan juga hadiah-hadiah yang mereka terima tersebut.

Semasa beliau balik Maharaja China juga mengirim tukang besi bagi membantu Parameswara membuat duit besi untuk kerajaan Melaka untuk digunakan di Melaka nanti. Mungkin juga duit Kerajaan Melaka yang pertama juga ada tersimpan di Muzium tersebut dan bolih diusahakan untuk mendapat sampelnya. Jadi sahlah kuwujudan kerajaan Melaka ini dengan bukti ini.

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