Monday, February 23, 2009


Melaka state has proposed various option for a public transport to reduce traffic jam in the city....especially during weekend.... Various proposal have been proposed.... but we have to remember that...Melaka and Pulau Pinang have been establish as a heritage city ..... and we have to keep it nice and beauty...without compromising any possible structure that can ruin or destroy it's beauty..if the proposed elevated lrt were to be implemented....!!!
The new structure or object must compliment with the old and heritage building that it has....including those proposal on public transport..... !!
If we look some old or maybe ancient town such as Istanbul .... the tram is more suitable for that purposes.... !!!
Here are some sample model of tram.... mostly the modern one will compliment very well with an old town and the most suitable public transport to be use in an old town like Melaka....!!!!
Here are some picture to be judge...!!!! ..and the nearest town that have the same story is Nottingham...... because they have Robin Hood..while Melaka has Hang Tuah....and it has a tram line..that suit it's historical town!!!...follow this web...

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husny said...

Mr Nizco i think your idea is just as like what i have. Congratulation. Please forward this beautiful ideas to our CM immediately. Sorry if you have done it. I am waiting to hear the good news soon from u.



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